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integrated circuits (ics)
pmic - laser drivers
interface - signal terminators
linear - video processing
embedded - microcontrollers
specialized ics
linear - amplifiers - instrumentation, op amps, buffer amps
clock/timing - delay lines
clock/timing - programmable timers and oscillators
clock/timing - real time clocks
pmic - supervisors
linear - comparators
pmic - voltage reference
embedded - microprocessors
embedded - cplds (complex programmable logic devices)
embedded - fpgas (field programmable gate array)
memory - configuration proms for fpgas
embedded - dsp (digital signal processors)
pmic - voltage regulators - linear
data acquisition - analog to digital converters (adc)
data acquisition - digital to analog converters (dac)
interface - telecom
logic - specialty logic
logic - buffers, drivers, receivers, transceivers
logic - gates and inverters
logic - flip flops
logic - fifos memory
logic - latches
interface - encoders, decoders, converters
interface - drivers, receivers, transceivers
logic - multivibrators
logic - shift registers
pmic - battery management
interface - uarts (universal asynchronous receiver transmitter)
pmic - voltage regulators - dc dc switching controllers
interface - codecs
data acquisition - digital potentiometers
pmic - hot swap controllers
embedded - plds (programmable logic device)
logic - parity generators and checkers
embedded - microcontroller or microprocessor modules
interface - modems - ics and modules
interface - direct digital synthesis (dds)
data acquisition - analog front end (afe)
logic - universal bus functions
pmic - power distribution switches, load drivers
pmic - v/f and f/v converters
clock/timing - clock generators, plls, frequency synthesizers
pmic - display drivers
pmic - gate drivers
logic - counters, dividers
logic - translators, level shifters
interface - voice record and playback
pmic - current regulation/management
interface - filters - active
memory - controllers
linear - amplifiers - video amps and modules
pmic - thermal management
pmic - voltage regulators - dc dc switching regulators
pmic - rms to dc converters
rf/if and rfid
rf directional coupler
rf power dividers/splitters
rfid transponders, tags
rfid reader modules
rfid antennas
rfid evaluation and development kits, boards
rfid accessories
rf evaluation and development kits, boards
rf amplifiers
rf mixers
rf detectors
rf misc ics and modules
rf power controller ics
rf switches
rf accessories
rf shields
rf diplexers
rfi and emi - shielding and absorbing materials
rf receivers
rf transmitters
rf transceiver modules
rf receiver, transmitter, and transceiver finished units
rf antennas
rf front end (lna + pa)
rf modulators
rf demodulators
rf transceiver ics
rfid, rf access, monitoring ics
rfi and emi - contacts, fingerstock and gaskets
sensors, transducers
temperature sensors - ntc thermistors
dust sensors
magnets - multi purpose
pressure sensors, transducers
temperature sensors - thermocouple, temperature probes
solar cells
motion sensors - accelerometers
temperature sensors - thermostats - mechanical
temperature sensors - analog and digital output
motion sensors - vibration
flow sensors
float, level sensors
lvdt transducers (linear variable differential transformer)
motion sensors - tilt switches
proximity sensors
current transducers
optical sensors - mouse
ultrasonic receivers, transmitters
shock sensors
humidity, moisture sensors
gas sensors
force sensors
image sensors, camera
motion sensors - inclinometers
motion sensors - optical
temperature sensors - rtd (resistance temperature detector)
optical sensors - ambient light, ir, uv sensors
irda transceiver modules
color sensors
optical sensors - photo detectors - cds cells
optical sensors - photo detectors - remote receiver
optical sensors - distance measuring
optical sensors - photodiodes
optical sensors - phototransistors
optical sensors - photo detectors - logic output
optical sensors - reflective - analog output
optical sensors - photointerrupters - slot type - logic output
optical sensors - photointerrupters - slot type - transistor output
position sensors - angle, linear position measuring
temperature sensors - ptc thermistors
magnetic sensors - position, proximity, speed (modules)
magnetic sensors - compass, magnetic field (modules)
magnetic sensors - linear, compass (ics)
motion sensors - gyroscopes
optical sensors - reflective - logic output
flex sensors
strain gauges
capacitive touch sensors, proximity sensor ics
specialized sensors
optical sensors - photoelectric, industrial
proximity/occupancy sensors - finished units
temperature sensors - thermostats - solid state
magnetic sensors - switches (solid state)
magnets - sensor matched
motion sensors - imus (inertial measurement units)
sensor cable - accessories
discrete semiconductor products
thyristors - diacs, sidacs
transistors - bipolar (bjt) - single
transistors - bipolar (bjt) - arrays
transistors - fets, mosfets - single
transistors - igbts - single
diodes - rectifiers - single
thyristors - scrs
diodes - variable capacitance (varicaps, varactors)
transistors - bipolar (bjt) - rf
diodes - rf
transistors - fets, mosfets - rf
diodes - rectifiers - arrays
diodes - zener - single
transistors - jfets
transistors - fets, mosfets - arrays
transistors - programmable unijunction
transistors - igbts - arrays
transistors - bipolar (bjt) - single, pre-biased
transistors - bipolar (bjt) - arrays, pre-biased
transistors - special purpose
diodes - zener - arrays
power driver modules
transistors - igbts - modules
thyristors - scrs - modules
diodes - bridge rectifiers
thyristors - triacs
solid state relays
relay sockets
i/o relay modules - input
i/o relay modules - output
power relays, over 2 amps
signal relays, up to 2 amps
i/o relay module racks
i/o relay modules - analog
magnetic, reed switches
dip switches
rocker switches
keylock switches
tactile switches
snap action, limit switches
pushbutton switches
rotary switches
toggle switches
keypad switches
selector switches
navigation switches, joystick
configurable switch components - body
configurable switch components - contact block
configurable switch components - illumination source
configurable switch components - lens
accessories - caps
pushbutton switches - hall effect
programmable display switches
slide switches
thumbwheel switches
accessories - boots, seals
digital isolators
optoisolators - logic output
optoisolators - transistor, photovoltaic output
optoisolators - triac, scr output
special purpose
isolators - gate drivers
capacitor networks, arrays
aluminum capacitors
tantalum capacitors
ceramic capacitors
electric double layer capacitors (edlc), supercapacitors
film capacitors
mica and ptfe capacitors
trimmers, variable capacitors
thin film capacitors
niobium oxide capacitors
silicon capacitors
aluminum - polymer capacitors
tantalum - polymer capacitors
circuit protection
tvs - varistors, movs
gas discharge tube arresters (gdt)
circuit breakers
tvs - diodes
thermal cutoffs, cutouts (tco)
tvs - thyristors
ground fault circuit interrupter (gfci)
tvs - mixed technology
ptc resettable fuses
inrush current limiters (icl)
surge suppression ics
disconnect switch components
lighting protection
electrical, specialty fuses
display modules - led character and numeric
display bezels, lenses
infrared, uv, visible emitters
laser diodes
display modules - led dot matrix and cluster
display modules - lcd, oled character and numeric
leds - spacers, standoffs
lamps - incandescents, neons
optics - light pipes
display modules - vacuum fluorescent (vfd)
lamps - cold cathode fluorescent (ccfl) & uv
led indication - discrete
leds - circuit board indicators, arrays, light bars, bar graphs
display modules - lcd, oled, graphic
panel indicators, pilot lights
leds - lamp replacements
touch screen overlays
led lighting - cobs, engines, modules
optics - lenses
display, monitor - interface controller
fiber optics - transmitters - drive circuitry integrated
fiber optics - transmitters - discrete
fiber optics - receivers
fiber optics - transceiver modules
fiber optics - attenuators
fiber optics - switches, multiplexers, demultiplexers
led thermal products
optics - reflectors
optics - remote phosphor light source
led lighting - white
led lighting - color
addressable, specialty
xenon lighting
led lighting kits
power supplies - board mount
dc dc converters
ac dc converters
led drivers
resistor networks, arrays
chip resistor - surface mount
through hole resistors
chassis mount resistors
specialized resistors
connectors, interconnects
power entry connectors - inlets, outlets, modules
banana and tip connectors - jacks, plugs
card edge connectors - edgeboard connectors
shunts, jumpers
terminals - wire splice connectors
terminal strips and turret boards
backplane connectors - din 41612
rectangular - board to board connectors - arrays, edge type, mezzanine
terminal blocks - accessories
banana and tip connectors - binding posts
contacts, spring loaded and pressure
usb, dvi, hdmi connectors
circular connectors - backshells and cable clamps
rectangular connectors - headers, male pins
rectangular connectors - headers, receptacles, female sockets
rectangular connectors - free hanging, panel mount
rectangular connectors - board in, direct wire to board
rectangular connectors - headers, specialty pin
rectangular connectors - housings
circular connectors - housings
d-sub, d-shaped connectors - housings
terminal blocks - adapters
terminals - pc pin, single post connectors
terminals - pc pin receptacles, socket connectors
terminals - housings, boots
photovoltaic (solar panel) connectors
heavy duty connectors - assemblies
terminals - turret connectors
circular connectors - accessories
circular connectors - contacts
rectangular connectors - contacts
d-sub, d-shaped connectors - contacts
rectangular - board to board connectors - headers, male pins
rectangular - board to board connectors - headers, receptacles, female sockets
backplane connectors - contacts
contacts - multi purpose
heavy duty connectors - contacts
terminal blocks - contacts
d-sub, d-shaped connectors - accessories
rectangular connectors - accessories
power entry connectors - accessories
coaxial connectors (rf) - accessories
backplane connectors - accessories
ffc, fpc (flat flexible) connectors - contacts
card edge connectors - contacts
pluggable connectors - accessories
usb, dvi, hdmi connectors - accessories
barrel - accessories
card edge connectors - accessories
ffc, fpc (flat flexible) connectors - accessories
banana and tip connectors - accessories
memory connectors - accessories
terminals - magnetic wire connectors
card edge connectors - housings
d-sub, d-shaped connectors - backshells, hoods
terminals - specialized connectors
blade type power connectors
heavy duty connectors - accessories
rectangular - board to board connectors - accessories
blade type power connectors - accessories
audio transformers
current sense transformers
power transformers
specialty transformers
pulse transformers
isolated, non-isolated autotransformer - step up, step down
switching converter, smps transformers
emi/rfi filters (lc, rc networks)
saw filters
helical filters
power line filter modules
common mode chokes
ferrite cores - cables and wiring
ferrite beads and chips
dsl filters
ferrite disks and plates
rf filters
feed through capacitors
ceramic filters
monolithic crystals
inductors, coils, chokes
fixed inductors
adjustable inductors
arrays, signal transformers
delay lines
wireless charging coils
potentiometers, variable resistors
thumbwheel potentiometers
slide potentiometers
scale dials
trimmer potentiometers
value display potentiometers
joystick potentiometers
adjustable power resistor
rotary potentiometers, rheostats
battery products
battery chargers
battery holders, clips, contacts
cigarette lighter assemblies
battery packs
batteries non-rechargeable (primary)
batteries rechargeable (secondary)
power supplies - external/internal (off-board)
ac dc desktop, wall adapters
dc dc converters
ac dc converters
ac dc configurable power supply chassis
ac ac wall adapters
ac dc configurable power supply modules
led drivers
power over ethernet (poe)
audio products
alarms, buzzers, and sirens
buzzer elements, piezo benders
crystals, oscillators, resonators
programmable oscillators
stand alone programmers
vcos (voltage controlled oscillators)
sockets and insulators
pin configurable oscillators
motors, solenoids, driver boards/modules
motors - ac, dc
stepper motors
solenoids, actuators
motor driver boards, modules
fans, thermal management
ac fans
dc fans
thermal - pads, sheets
thermal - heat sinks
thermal - adhesives, epoxies, greases, pastes
fans - finger guards, filters & sleeves
thermal - thermoelectric, peltier modules
fans - accessories
thermal - accessories
thermal - thermoelectric, peltier assemblies
thermal - liquid cooling
crimpers, applicators, presses
insertion, extraction
wire strippers and accessories
wire wrap
crimpers - crimp heads, die sets
specialized tools
cutting tools
screw and nut drivers - bits, blades and handles
spiral wrap, expandable sleeving
screw and nut drivers
excavators, hooks, picks, probes, tuning tools
knives, blades
punchdown, blades
assorted tool kits
sockets - sets
screw and nut drivers - sets
crimpers, applicators, presses - accessories
sockets, socket handles
staking tools
wire tie guns and accessories
heat guns, torches, accessories
fiber optics and accessories
hex, torx keys
personal protective equipment (ppe)
chemicals, cleaners
soldering, desoldering, rework products
solder sponges, tip cleaners
soldering, desoldering, rework stations
desoldering braid, wick, pumps
flux, flux remover
holders, stands
soldering irons, tweezers, handles
fume, smoke extraction
soldering, desoldering, rework tips, nozzles
dispensers, dispenser tips
solder stencils, templates
cable assemblies
circular cable assemblies
fiber optic cables
rectangular cable assemblies
modular cables
power, line cables
jumper wires, pre-crimped leads
firewire cables (ieee 1394)
usb cables
coaxial cables (rf)
flat flex, ribbon jumper cables
flat flex cables (ffc, fpc)
between series adapter cables
pluggable cables
d-sub cables
video cables (dvi, hdmi)
barrel - audio cables
barrel - power cables
lgh cables
d-shaped, centronics cables
specialized cable assemblies
smart cables
solid state lighting cables
cables, wires
wire wrap
fiber optic cables
flat ribbon cables
multiple conductor cables
single conductor cables (hook-up wire)
coaxial cables (rf)
flat flex cables (ffc, fpc)
modular - flat cable
cables, wires - management
solder sleeve
protective hoses, solid tubing, sleeving
fiber optic cables
cable ties and cable lacing
heat shrink tubing
labels, labeling
cold shrink tape, tubing
wire ducts, raceways
wire ducts, raceways - accessories
cable ties - holders and mountings
heat shrink fabric
cable supports and fasteners
bushings, grommets
cable and cord grips
grounding braid, straps
spiral wrap, expandable sleeving
splice enclosures, protection
heat shrink wrap
pulling, support grips
heat shrink boots, caps
memory cards, modules
memory cards
solid state drives (ssds)
usb flash drives
memory - modules
hardware, fasteners, accessories
bumpers, feet, pads, grips
screws, bolts
mounting brackets
labels, labeling
lockouts, padlocks
board supports
din rail channel
hole plugs
board spacers, standoffs
washers - bushing, shoulder
screw grommets
component insulators, mounts, spacers
structural, motion hardware
boxes, enclosures, racks
card racks
handles, locks, latches
card guides
patchbay, jack panels
patchbay, jack panel accessories
box accessories
box components
rack accessories
rack components
card guide accessories
card rack accessories
rack thermal management
static control, esd, clean room products
static control grounding cords, straps
static control shielding bags, materials
static control grounding mats
static control device containers
clean room treatments, cleaners, wipes
ionizer equipment
static control clothing
clean room swabs and brushes
monitors, testers
test and measurement
equipment - oscilloscopes
equipment - multimeters
test points
equipment - specialty
equipment - variable transformers
test clips - grabbers, hooks
test leads - thermocouples, temperature probes
test probe tips
test clips - alligator, crocodile, heavy duty
test clips - ic
test leads - bnc interface
test leads - jumper, specialty
test leads - banana, meter interface
test leads - kits, assortments
test leads - oscilloscope probes
equipment - function generators
equipment - spectrum analyzers
equipment - environmental testers
equipment - power supplies (test, bench)
equipment - electrical testers, current probes
prototyping products
prototype boards perforated
prototype boards unperforated
solderless breadboards
etching and fabrication equipment
jumper wire
card extenders
coating, grease, repair
adapter, breakout boards
drill bits
hardware kits
filter kits
led kits
static control kit
capacitor kits
potentiometer kits
resistor kits
transformer kits
inductor kits
connector kits
integrated circuits (ics) kits
discrete assortment kits
connector adapter kits
wire and cable tie kits
sensor kits
cable assemblies
thermistor kits
cables, wires - single conductors
circuit protection - assortment kits
circuit protection kits - fuse
circuit protection kits - tvs diodes
audio kits
bumpers, feet, pads, grips kits
crystal kits
prototype boards kits - unperforated
tape kits
fiber optic kits
heat shrink tubing kits
optics - light pipe kits
rf shield kits
switch kits
development boards, kits, programmers
software, services
uv erasers
evaluation boards - embedded - mcu, dsp
evaluation and demonstration boards and kits
evaluation boards - op amps
evaluation boards - audio amplifiers
evaluation boards - linear voltage regulators
evaluation boards - analog to digital converters (adcs)
evaluation boards - dc/dc & ac/dc (off-line) smps
evaluation boards - digital to analog converters (dacs)
evaluation boards - led drivers
evaluation boards - sensors
evaluation boards - embedded - complex logic (fpga, cpld)
evaluation boards - expansion boards
programming adapters, sockets
programmers, emulators, and debuggers
industrial controls
controllers - process, temperature
panel meters - counters, hour meters
panel meters
controllers - liquid, level
monitor - current/voltage transducer
cam positioners
pneumatics, hydraulics
protection relays & systems
monitor - current/voltage - relay output
controllers - programmable logic (plc)
industrial equipment
controllers - accessories
panel meters - accessories
lighting control
lighting control - accessories
controllers - plc modules
controllers - machine safety
controllers - cable assemblies
machine vision - lens
machine vision - accessories
machine vision - lighting
machine vision - control/processing
machine vision - cameras/sensors
human machine interface (hmi)
human machine interface (hmi) - accessories
time delay relays
line protection, distribution, backups
ups systems
line conditioners
power distribution, surge protectors
dc to ac (power) inverters
computers, office - components, accessories
films and filters
labels, labeling
adapter cards
kvm switches (keyboard video mouse)
magnetic strip, smart card readers
hubs, servers
computer mouse, trackballs
memory card readers
kvm switches (keyboard video mouse) - cables
cameras, projectors
desktop joysticks, simulation products
tapes, adhesives
glue, adhesives, applicators
tape dispensers
optical inspection equipment
arms, mounts, stands
eyepieces, lenses
lamps - magnifying, task
loupes, magnifiers
video inspection systems
illumination sources
networking solutions
switches, hubs
gateways, routers
media converters
serial device servers
embedded computers
interface boards
single board computers (sbcs)
magnetics - transformer, inductor components
magnetic wire
bobbins (coil formers), mounts, hardware
ferrite cores
maker/diy, educational
books, media
prototyping, fabrication
educational kits
gadgets, gizmos
robotics kits
3d printers
3d printing accessories