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Sensors, Transducers

capacitive touch sensors, proximity sensor ics(449)
color sensors(79)
current transducers(1407)
dust sensors(18)
flex sensors(0)
float, level sensors(677)
flow sensors(186)
force sensors(106)
gas sensors(122)
humidity, moisture sensors(303)
image sensors, camera(153)
irda transceiver modules(151)
lvdt transducers (linear variable differential transformer)(4)
magnetic sensors - compass, magnetic field (modules)(24)
magnetic sensors - linear, compass (ics)(618)
magnetic sensors - position, proximity, speed (modules)(3777)
magnetic sensors - switches (solid state)(2184)
magnets - multi purpose(59)
magnets - sensor matched(31)
motion sensors - accelerometers(967)
motion sensors - gyroscopes(132)
motion sensors - imus (inertial measurement units)(124)
motion sensors - inclinometers(58)
motion sensors - optical(314)
motion sensors - tilt switches(39)
motion sensors - vibration(64)
optical sensors - ambient light, ir, uv sensors(394)
optical sensors - distance measuring(48)
optical sensors - mouse(117)
optical sensors - photo detectors - cds cells(59)
optical sensors - photo detectors - logic output(128)
optical sensors - photo detectors - remote receiver(1172)
optical sensors - photodiodes(895)
optical sensors - photoelectric, industrial(11458)
optical sensors - photointerrupters - slot type - logic output(1126)
optical sensors - photointerrupters - slot type - transistor output(1139)
optical sensors - phototransistors(639)
optical sensors - reflective - analog output(278)
optical sensors - reflective - logic output(103)
position sensors - angle, linear position measuring(1547)
pressure sensors, transducers(26838)
proximity sensors(3850)
proximity/occupancy sensors - finished units(239)
sensor cable - accessories(0)
sensor cable - assemblies(0)
sensor interface - junction blocks(0)
shock sensors(13)
solar cells(111)
specialized sensors(582)
strain gauges(416)
temperature sensors - analog and digital output(2186)
temperature sensors - ntc thermistors(5189)
temperature sensors - ptc thermistors(1058)
temperature sensors - rtd (resistance temperature detector)(138)
temperature sensors - thermocouple, temperature probes(436)
temperature sensors - thermostats - mechanical(3964)
temperature sensors - thermostats - solid state(817)
ultrasonic receivers, transmitters(108)