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Optical module and optical fiber troubleshooting method

1. when a link fails, power test whether the light in the index within the scope of the requirements,

if there is no light or light power small phenomenon, can be handled in accordance with the following methods:

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A) wavelength and optical power meter measurement unit check selection (dBm) is wrong;

B) check due to the light and light module connector end mouth does not lead to cleaning

C) inspection of optical fiber connector end face is black and scratches, fiber optic connector whether there is broken,

replace the optical fiber connector do interchangeability test;

D) pluggable optical module to plug test;

E) the same port to replace the optical module or the same light module replacement port test.

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2. when the optical power test is normal, but still no link, check the link lamp state.

Enter the command line interface of the device, read the corresponding information of the port module,

if read, the module is identified, and then check whether the device is the cause of the link is blocked.

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