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Semiconductor basic definition

And there is a negative temperature coefficient of resistance resistivity is between metal and insulator material.

The resistivity of the semiconductor is about 10E-5 to 10E7 at room temperature,

and the resistivity index decreases when the temperature increases. Chipicsource Electronics was founded in 2003, specializing in electronic components distribution. We can provide you with semiconductors on sale.

There are many semiconductor materials, which can be divided into two categories: element semiconductor and compound semiconductor according to chemical composition. Chipicsource Electronics has a wide unobstructed Integrated Circuits wholesales china.

Germanium and silicon is the most commonly used semiconductor element; including III-V compound semiconductor compounds (gallium arsenide and gallium phosphide etc.), II-VI compound (cadmium sulfide, zinc sulfide, etc.) oxide (manganese, chromium, iron, copper oxide), as well as by III-V compounds and II-VI compound solid solution (gallium aluminum arsenide, gallium arsenic phosphorus).

In addition to the amorphous semiconductor, and amorphous glass semiconductor, organic semiconductor etc..

Semiconductor: refers to the semiconductor radio, because the transistor in the radio by the semiconductor material named.

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