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Intrinsic semiconductor

The semiconductor does not contain impurities and lattice defects are called intrinsic semiconductor. At very low temperatures,  the semiconductor is filled with the valence band (see band theory), by thermal excitation, some electrons in valence band cross band  into the higher energy band electrons become empty empty, with a band in electronic form a positively charged vacancy lack of the  valence band, said as a hole. Electrons in the conduction band and valence band hole as the electron hole pairs, can move freely, the carrier, in the external electric field generating directional movement and the formation of the macroscopic current, called the  electronic conductivity and hole conduction.

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Mixed conducting said that due to the formation of electron hole pairs are generated for the electrical. The electron in the conduction band will fall into the hole and electron hole pairs disappear, called composite. The energy released by the compound becomes the thermal vibration energy of the electromagnetic radiation (luminescence) or the lattice (heating).

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At a certain temperature, the formation and recombination of electron hole pairs exist at the same time and reach dynamic equilibrium. At this time, the semiconductor has a certain carrier density, and thus has a certain resistivity. When the temperature increases, more  electron hole pairs will be produced, the carrier density will increase, and the resistivity will decrease. No lattice defects the  resistivity of pure semiconductor is large, the actual application is not much.

Discrete power devices are divided into high power semiconductor devices and medium and small power semiconductor devices according to the size of power. Specifically, the high power thyristor to withstand current value of thyristor in 200A tube above products; high power  module means the module products current is above 25A; high power IGBT, MOSFET refers to the current more than 50A IGBT and MOSFET  products.

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