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TAP650 Series Resistors Ohmite's TAP650

Ohmite's TAP650 series are 650 W heat sinkable planar resistors

Image of Ohmite's TAP650 Series ResistorsOhmite's TAP650 delivers 650 W of reliable power to a variety of power conditioning, power transmission, and power control applications. These resistors can be designed for liquid or air cooled heatsink systems. Resistive element of the TAP650 is specially designed for low inductance and capacitance providing stable performance in addition to high wattage and pulse loading capability. The design of the TAP650 is catered to applications that require low profile mounting. Applications include variable speed drives, power supplies, robotics, motor control, control devices, and other power designs.


650 watts of power dissipation with proper heatsinking
Leaded design for low profile and custom terminations
Standard lead length of 250 mm
Wide resistance range; values from 0.25 ohms to 1 Meg 
5% tolerance standard, beating industry norms of 10%
High-purity ceramic metalized with film on bottom for better heat transfer and optimum discharge
Encapsulation: special resin-filled epoxy casing; high insulation resistance (CTI 600), high dielectric strength and partial discharge capability
Resistance element: special design for low inductance and capacitance values; the element demonstrates stability while covering high wattage and pulse loading
TAP650 Series Resistors
Image    Manufacturer Part Number    Description    Resistance    Available Quantity    View Details
TAP650JR50E datasheet link    650W HEATSINKABLE 0.50 OHM    TAP650JR50E    650W HEATSINKABLE 0.50 OHM    500 mOhms    10 - Immediate
TAP650JR50E product page link
TAP650J1R0E datasheet link    650W HEATSINKABLE 1 OHM    TAP650J1R0E    650W HEATSINKABLE 1 OHM    1 Ohms    10 - Immediate
TAP650J1R0E product page link
TAP650J27RE datasheet link    650W HEATSINKABLE 22 OHM    TAP650J27RE    650W HEATSINKABLE 22 OHM    27 Ohms    10 - Immediate
TAP650J27RE product page link
TAP650J36RE datasheet link    650W HEATSINKABLE 36 OHM    TAP650J36RE    650W HEATSINKABLE 36 OHM    36 Ohms    10 - Immediate
TAP650J36RE product page link
TAP650J50RE datasheet link    650W HEATSINKABLE 50 OHM    TAP650J50RE    650W HEATSINKABLE 50 OHM    50 Ohms    10 - Immediate
TAP650J50RE product page link
TAP650J270E datasheet link    650W HEATSINKABLE 270 OHM    TAP650J270E    650W HEATSINKABLE 270 OHM    270 Ohms    10 - Immediate
TAP650J270E product page link
TAP650J500E datasheet link    650W HEATSINKABLE 500 OHM    TAP650J500E    650W HEATSINKABLE 500 OHM    500 Ohms    10 - Immediate
TAP650J500E product page link
TAP650J1K0E datasheet link    650W HEATSINKABLE 1000 OHM    TAP650J1K0E    650W HEATSINKABLE 1000 OHM    1 kOhms    10 - Immediate
TAP650J1K0E product page link
TAP650J2K5E datasheet link    650W HEATSINKABLE 2500 OHM    TAP650J2K5E    650W HEATSINKABLE 2500 OHM    2.5 kOhms    10 - Immediate
TAP650J2K5E product page link
TAP650J5K0E datasheet link    650W HEATSINKABLE 5000 OHM    TAP650J5K0E    650W HEATSINKABLE 5000 OHM    5 kOhms    10 - Immediate
TAP650J5K0E product page link
TAP650J7K5E datasheet link    650W HEATSINKABLE 7500 OHM    TAP650J7K5E    650W HEATSINKABLE 7500 OHM    7.5 kOhms    10 - Immediate
TAP650J7K5E product page link
TAP650J10KE datasheet link    650W HEATSINKABLE 10000 OHM    TAP650J10KE    650W HEATSINKABLE 10000 OHM    10 kOhms    10 - Immediate
TAP650J10KE product page link
TAP650JR25E datasheet link    650W HEATSINKABLE 0.25 OHM    TAP650JR25E    650W HEATSINKABLE 0.25 OHM    250 mOhms    9 - Immediate
TAP650JR25E product page link
TAP650J10RE datasheet link    650W HEATSINKABLE 10 OHM    TAP650J10RE    650W HEATSINKABLE 10 OHM    10 Ohms    9 - Immediate
TAP650J10RE product page link
TAP650J75RE datasheet link    650W HEATSINKABLE 75 OHM    TAP650J75RE    650W HEATSINKABLE 75 OHM    75 Ohms    8 - Immediate
TAP650J75RE product page link
TAP650J100E datasheet link    650W HEATSINKABLE 100 OHM    TAP650J100E    650W HEATSINKABLE 100 OHM    100 Ohms    8 - Immediate
TAP650J100E product page link
Published: 2018-01-10